Our Mission:

To provide interior design services to communities and individuals where there is a need and resources are limited.


Who we are:

A committed group of interior designers who want to help change the world through inclusive, functional, sustainable and beautiful interior design.

Our focus is commercial projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding community. Selected projects are based upon the needs of the community and how it is benefited.

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Star Volunteers

For 2017-2018 we have chosen three outstanding volunteers to honor their commitment and contributions to IDCFC.


Erin Chesley

Graduated from Michigan State University in 2006 with a degree in Interior Design.  Worked as a commercial interior designer for 5 years within the metro Detroit area.  I was always fascinated with tile and all the applications it can be used in along with the endless creative opportunities it provides.  I decided to join Genesee Tile, a family owned tile company, that welcomed me like another member of the family.  This was very important since family is the most important thing in my life.  I value the time I get with my family and the fun we have together. 


Heather buffone

Heather Buffone has over 18 years of experience in the design industry. She has been a volunteer with IDCFC since its inception and on the board as secretary for over 5 years. She currently is employed with Fusco, Shaffer and Pappas for 4 ½ years and was with Lindhout Associates Architects for over 10 years. B.S. Arch. ‘01, MBA ’13 from Lawrence Technological University.



Drew Melow

Drew is a graduate of Lawrence Technological University and has worked in commercial interiors for the past 7 years. During that time he has volunteered with IDCFC primarily as a graphic designer, but has also worked events and helped with various design projects.