Star Volunteers

For 2019-2020 we have chosen two outstanding volunteers to honor their commitment and contributions to IDCFC.

Rae Monchnik.png

Rae Monchnik

Interior Designer with Scott Monchnik & Associates, Inc. for almost 20 years. She has been involved with IDCFC for the past 3 years and has volunteered her time and expertise on the William A. Davis Women and Children’s Center also known as “Grace Center of Hope” in 2016 and more recently the Durfee Innovation Society, specifically the “Think Detroit” project.

It has been a privilege to provide interior design services to communities where there is a need and resources are limited.

Dwane Adle.jpg

Dwane Adle

Dwane Adle is an architect and interior designer with over twenty five years of experience in a wide range of projects.  

As a leader in the design industry, Dwane G. Adle, FASID AIA, volunteers in many ways to promote design and support the design community. Dwane has served both on the local and national level for ASID and was inducted into the ASID College of Fellows in 2018. He enjoys volunteering his time working on projects with IDCFC.

Mr Adle has owns his own design firm and leds the development of interiors and complex projects in residential, higher education, commercial, and hospitality. His personal motto is "Design is more than just a's my passion". 

His work has also been featured in several publications including ICON Magazine.