Current Projects


Detroit Gaelic League

With the Gaelic League's 100th anniversary upon them, this Detroit Irish American Club is taking a look to not only see how they can improve upon their physical space, but also expand their already extensive involvement within the local community. IDCFC is working closely with Christopher Stefani, Associate Director at the Detroit Center for Design + Technology, to define the Gaelic League's wants/needs through programming workshops; and to then make those priorities a reality while preserving the Irish culture and traditions of this historical space.


Durfee Community Innovation Center

IDCFC is honored to be a part of the Durfee Community Innovation Center, a Life Remodeled project. We are creating co-working spaces within the innovation center where creative young entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into a reality.

TinyHomes Existing.jpg

Tiny Homes Project

We have partnered with Quinn Evans Architects to provide interior design services for the Cass Community Social Services Tiny Homes project. This initiative is the first of its kind in Detroit.