Grace Centers of Hope

Completed in June of 2016, IDCFC partnered with ASID to convert a former church and community center into a residential/learning center capable of servicing up to 100 women. The women are housed in the new center for a one year program. "This one-year rehabilitation program helps women and families transition to stable housing, sobriety, and employment." The project is approximately 18,000 sq. ft. and and includes 25 resident rooms, community bathroom, classrooms, commercial kitchen, dinning room, lounge and recreational spaces. This project was a Grace Centers of Hope initiative.


IDCFC Interiors Team

Holly Kaiser - Project Manager

Rae Monchnik - Assistant Project Manager Interior Designer

Sandra Stacey - Interior Designer

Liz Zak - Interior Designer

Tina Katikos - Interior Designer/procurement


ASID Interiors Team

Tina Rossi - Interior Designer

Debra Christy Merriman - Interior Designer/Donor Wall


Architecture Team

John Tagle Associates